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    Dec 3, 2006
      From www.growthcircle.com

      growthcircle was created in the aftermath of the devastating
      earthquake that hit India on January 26th, 2001, claiming close to
      20,000 lives, injuring nearly 166,000 people and leaving over 600,000
      people homeless.

      As a member of our listserv and a donor, you helped make a difference.
      Over the last five years, growthcircle has disbursed US$ 8,650 towards
      supporting programs run by the Ahmedabad Women's Action Group (AWAG)
      in earthquake affected communities. AWAG, through its work, makes a
      significant difference in the lives of the most vulnerable, neglected
      segment of Indian society- young girls and women from economically
      disadvantaged communities.

      A detailed description of what the funds were used for can be found at

      In 2006, we donated the last of the funds collected from all of you,
      meeting our commitments made to each and every one of our donors. With
      this, growthcircle has completed the work it had set out to do. I
      thank you all for your support, in every sense, as we built something
      beautiful, and together made a real difference.

      Please consider supporting AWAG in its ongoing work as a long-term
      partner. Even a few dollars a year can make a huge difference in
      AWAG's work. IREF has agreed to continue to receive donations on
      behalf of AWAG and will remit the money collected in its entirety to
      AWAG. All donations made are fully tax deductible in the USA and
      Canada and tax receipts will be issued for all donations. Most
      importantly, every, single cent donated will go to AWAG, with no
      deductions or costs for issuing receipts, overheads and expenses.

      I want to thank each and everyone one of you who supported this
      project and made it happen, and a special thanks to the India Relief
      and Education Fund (IREF) for their support and guidance over these
      past years.

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