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7update - events of September 11, New York CIty

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  • growthcircle
    Sep 16 1:21 AM
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      Growthcircle Update, September 15, 2001


      The events of the last few days have shocked us as they have the rest of
      the world. The air is thick with sounds of recrimination and anger.
      Political posturing and cries for jungle-justice are muffling stories of
      grief and personal tragedy, even as the media plays its own game.

      Agencies in the US have set up networks to collect funds for the affected.
      The three agencies that are listed on Growthcircle provide humanitarian
      assistance and a brief profile is excerpted at the end of this email. We
      have set up links through our main page (top right corner) through which
      patrons may donate online, securely and directly to aid agencies as well
      as find more information on how to donate blood and supplies.
      (note: non-U.S. donors may not be eligible for tax benefits on donations

      The main page also carries three donor buttons to donate free food to the
      hungry, rainforest land and to fund Cancer prevention projects. You may
      donate to each cause once a day (per PC) by simply clicking on the buttons
      and on the button on the new page that will open. Please try to donate
      every day if possible; it will cost you nothing.

      The main page carries up to the minute news feeds from Yahoo (Reuters and
      the Associated Press) and our 'Global News Update' section carries
      substantial coverage and feature stories updated several times a day from
      the Guardian (U.K.) and the New York Times, CBS and CNBC (U.S.) which are
      available free through the site.

      Our own plans are some way from being complete, the site needs some more
      tweaking and as the work in India progresses the funds are being held in
      trust with IREF and are being withdrawn by the NGOs as and when they need
      them for their specified projects. You will receive an update on this
      front from them, through us, as their work progresses.

      Thank you and God bless.
      for growthcircle

      United way of New York City
      United Way of New York City's predecessor organization, The Greater New
      York Fund, was founded in 1938 "for the purpose of making one annual
      citywide financial appeal to organized business and its employees on
      behalf of private social welfare and health agencies in New York City."
      Times have changed since the 1930's, but the basic mission of United Way
      of New York City has remained unchanged: bringing people together to
      address the human care needs in New York city.

      FireDonations - NY Firefighter's 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
      FireDonations is owned, operated, and maintained by professional
      firefighters in the Pacific Northwest. Their mission is to assist those
      who have been adversely affected by fire. Though no amount of money can
      replace what has been destroyed by fire, financial gifts can help ease the
      hardships that it brings. Fire Donations is a Washington State Non Profit

      The American Red Cross
      The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers,
      guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the
      International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of
      disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to

      Terrorist Attacks on U.S. - How can you help?
      Donate cash, emergency relief information