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4Update- Jan 31, evening- crucial developments

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  • Tanzeel Merchant
    Jan 31, 2001
      Wednesday, 31 January 2001

      Within hours of our despatch this morning, the email we sent out at had
      spread like wildfire across the world; it has kept up the momentum and our
      spirits. Keep the message moving. We�ve received a lot of emails in the past
      few hours in support of what we�ve managed to accomplish thus far, to keep
      up the work and not to stop these updates. I�m keeping this very short
      because it was never our intention to bother you with too many messages.

      The main updates on the site are listed below. We've modified our
      arrangement so that you can choose to donate to any one of the four NGOs
      under our banner and do not have to give a blanket cheque for all of them.
      The updates also include two letters written from the people in Gujarat, one
      from a survivor to his mother, the other from a colleague working on the
      ground who has just returned from Kutch, the worst affected region. The next
      update will not be sooner than 24 hrs. from now, and that too only if
      necessary, unless an emergency arises.

      We�ve received news that supplies are rotting outside Bhuj due to excess
      inflow and need to be diverted to Anjar and Bachao which are experiencing
      severe shortage. There is no transport to move them from Bhuj. Please keep
      this in mind when sending your despatches. Ham units from Bachao have
      reported news of shoot on site orders in Bhuj to stop crowds from rioting
      for excess supplies.
      Also the Government of Gujarat has been harassing ham operators to obtain
      permits, that too from an address which no longer exists, at times like this
      it is senseless. The Bombay circle is ready to quit in disgust. We�d request
      the officials concerned to please ease off. The Ham network is providing a
      valuable service in this crisis and must not be hindered.

      Following the first posting of our monetary donation system page this
      morning, on http://www.geocities.com/growthcircle/ngolist.htm a few donors
      have written in to say that they would not like to contribute to all 4
      self-help organisations we have identified, but only to one or two from the
      list. Though we have posted a recommended allocation, and we vouch
      completely for all the NGOs under our banner, and you have our word on it,
      we do understand that people may be concerned about their authenticity
      irrespective of our assurance. Most of these NGOs find it difficult to
      access funds when they need them most, which is all the more reason we need
      to support them, so do not let this be a reason for you not to give to any
      one of them. We�ve modified our system accordingly to allow you to choose,
      please select the NGO/NGOs you are comfortable with and send your donations
      in for them alone if you feel so to IREF/our collection centre or the NGO
      itself. Overseas donors must add the name of the NGO on their instrument.
      More detailed instructions are on the relevant page for International Donors
      via this link http://www.geocities.com/growthcircle/ngopayworld.htm . Do
      remember to send us a short message at growth@... as to what
      the amount was, to whom it was directed and where it was sent to, so as to
      allow us to monitor the flow of funds.

      New pages, links on main page
      We�ve added these two pages to allow you, wherever you are in the world to
      share some of the hope and emotion of people in Gujarat through their own

      Eyewitness Kutch: letter from a volunteer in the field

      From a son to a mother: letter from a survivor

      Till the next time� God bless you all and thank you. To the people
      struggling out there to make a difference, we�re with you all the way; you
      can count on our support.

      Tanzeel, Tanvi, Sangeeta, Janki, Dhananjai

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