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3Final Update Jan 31, 2001

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  • Tanzeel Merchant
    Jan 31, 2001
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      Wednesday, 31 January 2001 8:30 am ET, 7:00 pm IST


      The scenario in Gujarat becomes grimmer by the hour. The Defence Minister�s
      speculative statement of 100,000 deaths may not be entirely untrue. While
      search efforts are winding to a close and hopes of finding more survivors
      are fading fast, the attention now is on treating the survivors and the
      injured. Over the next few weeks and months the real task of reconstruction
      will begin.

      Late last night, as promised, we put in place our payment routing system to
      enable all you to begin sending in your donations. Over the last few days,
      we�ve been intensely screening the NGOs operating in Gujarat. We took the
      decision of concentrating our means and limited resources to just four,
      which we identified as leaders with an excellent track record, the highest
      success rate, the most efficient users of the resources they have had access
      to in the past and the most in need of assistance at this point of time.
      Information in our decision and reasons, detailed descriptions of the four
      NGOs and how you can connect to them is posted on our website and via the
      link below.


      Our collection centres, listed on the website will also be able to accept
      monetary donations. We have limited the number of collection centres to
      people we feel comfortable dealing with and trust. Other interested groups
      may however take the initiative and use the routing resources posted on our
      site, but may NOT act under the banner or name of growthcircle. People have
      also written in expressing difficulty in reaching supplies they have
      collected to Gujarat. Try and reach it to the closest point possible, it is
      not essential it reaches our desk in Ahmedabad, our priority is that it
      reaches the people of Kutch as quickly as possible, whichever way you can
      send it.
      Our collection centres are listed on the link below


      Over the last 24 hours, the number of people listed on our mailing list has
      doubled, but it is nowhere near the number of people who responded to our
      first email appeal for help. It points to the message spreading faster via
      email than by people visiting our site, which has also been slowing down due
      to increased traffic. We�d request you to forward this email to people you
      think can make a difference and help, as well as use the resources on our
      website to encourage people who do not use email and the internet to act and

      Before we sign off, we�d request you to send us a simple email when you make
      a monetary donation, stating your name, the amount, where it was sent or
      delivered and who the instrument was made payable to if applicable, in order
      to allow us to keep track. The address for that is growth@... .
      We are unable to answer all your emails to our personal accounts and would
      request you again not to feel obliged to reply to this email. Please do
      write if there is a pressing problem or you require assistance or guidance.

      With this, the last piece of the chain has been put into place, connecting
      those in need to those who can help, accomplishing the task growthcircle set
      for itself on the evening of January 26, 2001, 6 days ago. We hope we have
      lived up to your expectations of us. The chain is now complete and a large
      part of our work has been accomplished, to give you the power and resources
      to assist the aid effort directly, wherever you may be in the world. The
      real work however is still to be done, out there in the real heartlands,
      rebuilding broken lives and homes, far away from the internet and the
      comfort so many of us take for granted. growthcircle will continue to face
      that challenge. We thank you all for your patience and bearing with our
      limitations. A thank you to our students and fellow alumni who did the
      groundwork and interfaced between this largely internet based initiative and
      the realities on the ground, and who continue to work closely with the NGOs
      in their relief work. A thank you to the individuals, organisations and
      professionals who stepped in to help us out when things seemed impossible.
      Thank you to all the hundreds of you who have made a difference in your own
      small way, the goodwill you have gifted will be felt for years to come.
      Thank you again for opening your hearts in this time of need.

      Tanzeel, Tanvi, Sangeeta, Janki, Dhananjai

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