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  • tanzeelm@hotmail.com
    Jan 27, 2001
      thank you to all who have subscribed to this list, our skeleton site
      is ready at www.growthcircle.com and you can forward this URL to
      others who would like to help in cash or time or kind. Please try to
      connect as many people as you can. It carries basic information on
      our plans and links to news and video sources. People can subscribe
      to this list by filling in their address online in the box on the
      site. We'll contact you all now only when we have concrete
      information. We are likely to hear from home only on late Sunday or
      Monday night.
      For those of us who have connections with Gujarat, you will feel the
      agony of this devastation. Hold strong and pray for those who have
      lost loved ones and those out their struggling to survive.
      Tanvi and Tanzeel