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Fw: [Fet-ict] Translation of FET documents

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  • Anne Matthews
    Net ingeval iemand belangstel in die vertaling na Afrikaans van die nuwe curriculum vir Computer Applications Technology (Rekenaartoepassingstegnologie) en
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      Net ingeval iemand belangstel in die vertaling na Afrikaans van die nuwe
      curriculum vir Computer Applications Technology
      (Rekenaartoepassingstegnologie) en Information Technology

      Anne Matthews
      Education Consultant and Trainer

      Tel/Fax 012 329 2126
      Cell 083 955 2673

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      Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 10:20 AM
      Subject: [Fet-ict] Translation of FET documents

      > Colleagues
      > The FET NCS Teacher Orientation and Training demands massive logistical
      organisation. One of the logistical challenges in the process, particularly
      for CAT and IT, is to find suitable and competent translators to translate
      the documents ( the LPGs, Subject Statements and Teacher and Facilitator
      Manuals) from English to Afrikaans. Translators who would have the necessary
      subject knowledge and experience so as to capture the essence and identities
      of the subjects in their translations; Afrikaans terminology is a
      particular challenge.
      > The tender for the translation of the documents is going out very soon. If
      there is anybody out there who knows of an organisation and/or individuals
      who are capable of competently translating the CAT and IT documents, could
      you please contact me as soon as possible?
      > Thanks in anticipation.
      > PS: I posted this message to all three mailing lists in an attempt to
      reach everybody. Those individuals who are subscribed to more than one list,
      my apologies for the duplication.
      > Regards
      > Ighsaan Francis
      > Computer Studies
      > Western Cape Education Department
      > Curriculum Development Directorate
      > Grand Central
      > Room 867
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