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Emblazoned squash with dried blood Louis XVI discovered

More than 200 years ago, France's King Louis XVI was killed (along with his wife, Marie Antoinette) via guillotine, and legend has it someone used a
Jan 2, 2013

Berlin Film Festival opens with Marie-Antoinette drama

BERLIN (AP) — The annual Berlin film festival is opening with a costume drama set at the beginning of the French revolution — the first of 18 movies
Feb 9, 2012

~ Very Last Testament Louis XVI (Temple Prison; English Version) ~

LAST TESTAMENT OF LOUIS XVI In the name of the Very holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. To-day, the 25th day of December, 1792, I, Louis XVI King of
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Apr 9, 2009

~ Album * Petit Trianon * rearranged - improved! ~

Dear Groupmembers, I found many new pictures of Marie Antoinette's rooms in the Petit Trianon and completed the album with them. There are 125 Pictures in this
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Apr 7, 2009

~ Secrets of the Boudoir of Queen Marie Antoinette ~

From Times Online August 5, 2006 Secrets of the boudoir With Marie Antoinette once again the focus of our fascination, Hannah Betts goes to Versailles to
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Mar 18, 2009

~ Wonderful New Picture Marie Antoinette on this Group ~......

Dear Groupmembers, Today I found a brand new and wonderful picture of Marie Antoinette, with a basket in her hands, filled with fruit. It's one of the nicest
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Mar 18, 2009

~ Marie Antoinette, Childhood in Vienna, Austria ~

* DAUGHTER OF MARIA THERESA * Vienna, November 2, 1755. Her windows wide open, as was her habit, regardless of the rigors of the season, the Empress Maria
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 22, 2009

~ Memoirs of Marie Antoinette by Madame Campan ~

Memoirs of Marie Antoinette By Campan Presented by Authorama Public Domain Books Chapter IV. There was a meeting at Paris for the first federation on the 14th
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 22, 2009

~ New in this Group ~

Dear Groupmembers, I added some new galleries in this group. This time I added many modern interpretations on Marie Antoinette. I think that it obviously
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 21, 2009

~ Reaction on Janet Fauble ~

Dear Jan, I posted two (samples) pictures of the Louboutin shoes on this Group in the Folder: "Miscellaneous Marie Antoinette". I think that these shoes are
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 11, 2009

~ Winds topple Marie Antoinettes Tree at Versailles ~

Winds topple Marie Antoinette's tree at Versailles Associated Press Writer / January 27, 2009 VERSAILLES, France—It survived the French Revolution and a
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 11, 2009

~ Today found on the E Bay website... ~

Dear Groupmembers, Today I found a genuine drawing, a remembranche of the very first Balloon Crossing over the Canal at E Bay. It looks like it is a gift to
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 10, 2009

~ Christian Louboutin creates Marie Antoinette-inspired Shoe ~

* Christian Louboutin creates Marie Antoinette-inspired Shoe * I wonder what Marie would think of these Christian Louboutin heels designed with her in mind?
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 10, 2009

~ New Portrait of a Princess ~

Found on a chatsite "AllThingsRoyal.nl": New portrait of a princess: A revolution in French thinking Following the 250th anniversary of her birth and with a
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Feb 9, 2009

~ Wonderful Pictures of the Rooms in the Austrian Residences ~

Dear Groupmembers, Today I found 2 Austrian websites. One of them is dedicated to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, where Marie Antoinette was born and the other
Isabelle BigAndStrong
Jan 27, 2009
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