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i'm leaving on an airplane...

hi all, as some of u know...i'm leaving for waterloo, canada for my SEP dis sem...will be flying off on 17th aug and wun be back till 4th jan... in e
xingyun *
Aug 14, 2006

Winner of Best OG NVAC 2005

Hey Champions! Isnt it time to meet up since our Mr Toronto is back? I cordially invite everyone to our post-camp retreat. Take this wonderful opportunity to
Jul 24, 2006

Juxtapose - Good Luck!

Hey Dudes, The NVAC camp is today! Sorry I couldn't join you guys. I'm kinda in the middle of nowhere now. I could only see trees and more trees (funny how I
Weisiang Chan
Jun 26, 2006

phoneline suspended

hey pple, juz a short email to say tt i'd be out from country from now til aug 9 for summer program, so have suspended my phoneline (ya, so won't be gettin any
Li Xinyi
Jun 22, 2006

halo halo!

hey ppl! Sorry this mail is long overdue. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and having a fruitful holiday. Let's make it an even more holiday this time
May 17, 2006

Re: Counselors

i wld luv to... but can't make it la... will be out of s'pore from 20 june i think... jia you on ur camp prep! regards, xinyi:) From: "Ken"
Li Xinyi
May 17, 2006


Hi Juxtapose 2006 has been rescheduled to 26 June to 29 June. Any one wanna join Xingyun as a counselor? Get back to me soon k? =) Hope to see you all again!
May 17, 2006

Re: Yo Ho!

Hi Guys, It's great to hear from so many people. The flurry of activities shows that we're all still very much alive and kicking haha. That's a really cool
Weisiang Chan
Mar 26, 2006

Re: Yo Ho!

Thanks Dannies! for the compliment and everything!!! =) All the best for your journey up the mountains! U will be sorely missed... heh Ken From: Dannies
Ken Low
Mar 21, 2006

Re: Yo Ho!

Hey Everyone.... My apologizies too for this super overdue reply. Like xingyun, I had been really busy.The main reason is because i am very much involved in
Mar 21, 2006

Re: Juxtapose 2006 Counsellors

Oh hahah! Sorry! 19th June to 22nd June Come everyone!!!! From: "Li Xinyi" Reply-To: rehema@yahoogroups.com To:
Ken Low
Mar 20, 2006

Re: Juxtapose 2006 Counsellors

Sorry I can't go. Will be doing internship from May to July unless i graduate. Ken great to see u heading it. All the best. Buffet is good and hope wei siang
Loh Melvin
Mar 20, 2006

Re: Juxtapose 2006 Counsellors

hey! ha thot i'd better reply before i forget... u forgot an impt detail... when is the camp huh? i might go if im free lorz...:) xinyi From: "Ken"
Li Xinyi
Mar 20, 2006

Re: Yo Ho!

hihi everyone... sorry for e VERY LATE reply...been really really bz...finally having a breather...was kinda depressed over sch work for some time...dat's y
pIxIe *
Mar 20, 2006

Juxtapose 2006 Counsellors

Hi people! Its the time of the year again where we gather together and make merry! =) Juxtapose 2006 is opening its doors for the recruitment of our
Mar 20, 2006
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