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Re: [regsaudioforum] Thanksgiving

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  • Edward Mast
    Happy Thanksgiving to all. And special congratulations to Red! Ned
    Message 1 of 20 , Nov 22, 2012
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      Happy Thanksgiving to all.  And special congratulations to Red!
      On Nov 22, 2012, at 12:45 AM, Robert wrote:


      Happy Thanksgiving!
      It might be a good moment to consider
      that, interested , even obsessed , as
      we all are with improvements in what
      we listen to, even with things just as they
      are, it is really a wonderful and surprising
      thing to be able to hear something
      that sounds as much like music as
      well done audio already does.
      And when one thinks of the increcible
      abundance of music that one has to choose
      from... it really is a golden age.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      PS Completely off topic, what I
      most specifically thankful for this
      Thanksgiving is that Red, my dog who
      has been paralyzed in his back legs
      since mid January from a spinal problem
      called wobblers syndrome, stood up
      on Novemeber 7 and started to walk.
      He is getting around quite well now,
      after ten months of lying in his room
      unable to rise at all. It is almost like the
      end of Progy and Bess
      "Oh Lord, I'm on my way"
      or the final scene of
      Amahl and the Night Visitors.

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