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re: in room measurements

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  • Samir Shah
    ... Hello everyone. I ve been lurking on this forum for a while. I saw that REG had requested freq responses from the members here, so decided to post mine. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2010
    > I would be interested to see what people got with this.
    > It would be great to see measurements from everyone!

    Hello everyone.

    I've been lurking on this forum for a while. I saw that REG had
    requested freq responses from the members here, so decided to post

    I have Spendor BC3s that I've tweaked. In addition, my listening room
    has been treated with Real Traps..

    The Spendors are run as a multi-way passive/active hybrid. The
    tweeters and midrange are run through a rebuilt passive crossover, the
    woofers are run actively via a Behringer DCX2496 (up to 700hz/24db),
    but rolled off on the low end at 110hz/24db slope to dipole Celestion
    6000 subs that are run through their equalizer. Above the subwoofer,
    all crossover points and slopes are as stock. I end up using a lot of

    I do a little EQ between 100hz and 300hz to flatten the dips and peaks
    in the measurements, via the Behringer. I need to do more to tweak the
    speakers' FRs, and will be attempting that once I figure out the
    measurement software.

    I have my own MLS setup, but have never quite learned how to use it. I
    have a Behringer mic, a DIY mic preamp, going to an M-Audio Transit to
    a laptop. I'm trying both ETF and ARTA, and I use this to play around
    with my minimonitors. However, whenever I need real measurements, I
    ask one of my CT Audio Society members to come over and measure with
    his IMP system and calibrated mic.

    Here are some system pics, and measurements. If you are in the NYC or
    Stamford area, you're invited to come over for a listen.

    If I remember correctly, the FR measurements are for both left and
    eight speakers (third letter of file name), BASE = from 1m, 300hz and
    up, while LF = 300hz and below from the listening position.

    The main weakness with the system is loudness - the BC3 midrange
    starts distorting if one goes too loud. The Celestion subs also dont
    like to go too loud. Still, it can get over 100db easily, which is
    more than enough.

    If someone knows how to use ETF or ARTA, and can guide me through what
    options to use, and what to measure, I'd be happy to do more detailed
    measurements if you are interested.

    I also have numerous other systems around the house. More on those
    later. One has Quad ESL63s. Some of my audio club friends prefer my
    Quad room, some prefer the Spendor room. Personally, I prefer the

    As an aside, a number of other Quad ESL63 owners have commented that
    mine make more bass than theirs. I'll attribute that to the amps I am
    using with the Quads: Musical Fidelity MA50. With other amps I've
    tried, the speakers don't generate the same amount of bass, nor the
    overall quality of sound either. So, amp selection is also important
    with the ESL63s.

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