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Re: Image size and dynamics

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  • uohh
    Hi Yip, My understanding is, bigger image indicates too much room reflections and/or less than ideal drivers integration. I ve followed for years my dealer
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      Hi Yip,

      My understanding is, bigger image indicates too much room reflections and/or less than ideal drivers integration.

      I've followed for years my dealer friend's set up of his showroom's Avantgarde Trio Classico with 2 bass horns. Initially with the original passive crossover, together with extreme wall and ceiling absorptions and corner bass traps that makes the room almost anechoic. The sound stage size is bound by the area within
      the boundary of the edges of the speakers, but image is not very solid compared with my own dynamic Tact speakers set up.

      Later, he became a Tact dealer as well, and he used the Tact's active
      crossover(with proper drivers time alignments) and amplification, together with Tact's EQ and/or room correction, he was able to get rid of most of his room absorption material together with it's anechoic effects (which I personally dislike for its unnatural effect). And he was able to keep the sound stage within the boundaries of the speakers as before, yet, with solid images and smaller size of the images like that of my own system!


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      > snip
      > <Just for kicks, I thought it would be fun to directly compare the little 85dB Harbeths with the big 103dB+ Avantgarde Duos, about as different in sensitivity and speaker size as one could get! It was an interesting exercise, the outcome a little unexpected. Take image size and dynamics for example: Avangardes are known for their life-size images and dynamic prowess, which you would expect given their size and highly efficient horns. What was unexpected? The little Harbeths had an image sized nearly the equal of the horns. Not! Yes, 'twas so! Okay, the image size of the Harbeths was a little smaller but not by much - quite some stunt, for a small two-way monitor loudspeaker to sound like a big speaker. The Duos kicked the Harbeths' fanny in dynamics as you would expect, but that's not a criticism. It's the same outcome with any box speaker going up against the Duos. Having said that, if you don't have a pair of Duos in your listening room to compare
      > against, you'll likely think the Harbeth dynamics just fine - which they are.>
      > ?> Let's say we use REG's violin /piano piece and any Opus recordings.
      > And listen at normal volume in a home setting.
      > Why does the bigger speaker repoduce more relaistic image sizes and dynamics?
      > ?> best,
      > Yip
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    • Robert Greene
      I have them all. I shall try to find the item when I have a minute. REG
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        I have them all. I shall try to find the item when
        I have a minute.


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        > > Are you sure? This is not what I
        > > would say about the old Quads--
        > > which are quasi line sources.
        > > I know HP never really liked the old Quads--he thought
        > > they
        > > did not "reproduce the soundstage correctly" , whatever
        > > that was supposed to mean.
        > Yes, I'm certain it was the old Quads. The review was in the mid to late 1970's as I recall, but I can't recite the issue. It wasn't full review - sort of a mini review. It was before the ESL-63's were on the market.
        > Somebody should be able to look this up. I would, but I no longer have my old magazines.
        > - John
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