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Re: YG speaker review in Sphile

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  • yoavgeva@ymail.com
    Dear REG, Thank you for letting me into your forum! I am grateful that you are giving me the opportunity to join and contribute to the discussion. After
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 18, 2009

      Dear REG,


      Thank you for letting me into your forum! I am grateful that you are giving me the opportunity to join and contribute to the discussion.


      After reading your post regarding our speakers, I thought it would be appropriate that I reply in person, so as to explain a bit better various key points about our Anat Reference II Professional loudspeakers. I will, with your permission, address your comments one by one:


      REG wrote: "the designer seems to live in some sort of old world in which on axis flatness is a difficult goal"

      I must respectfully correct you: we never merely talk about on-axis response. When we mention frequency response, we always refer to the whole combination of amplitude, phase, dispersion and lack of diffraction. Our goal is to allow the speaker to not only measure flat in a lab, but also "perform flat" in a room. For instance, please refer to our Stereophile ad titled "Reason #1" (published in May, June and November of 2008). There, we show how our proprietary crossover topology allows for all of the following: flat on-axis response, near-zero relative phase-shift between drivers, and uniform dispersion (off-axis response). For verification, please compare with JA's off-axis measurements, which were also highly uniform.

      REG wrote: "rather poor distortion performance of the related model"

      You mention the distortion measurement in SoundStage, of a previous-generation speaker that we used to manufacture. I would definitely like to address your concern. If you agree, I would like to first send you another measurement by an independent lab, which sheds some clearer light on the subject, by providing a more comprehensive breakdown. Unfortunately, I do not have reprint rights to this article, and am not permitted to publish it online, so I would like to e-mail it to you personally before we discuss the issue over the pages of this forum. I am sure that once you see this more detailed graph, you would gain a better insight into our design philosophy. Let me assure you that distortion is not an issue with our speakers, but if you have any concerns after looking at the graph, I will be happy to address them.


      REG wrote: "The YG is also very touchy about vertical position"

      Please let me point out something which can easily be missed when glossing over the Stereophile review: when JA publishes vertical dispersion graphs, he usually does so across a fairly narrow window of 10 degrees above and below axis. In the rare case that a speaker has no anomalies in that range, JA goes for a wider window of 45 degrees. This was the case with our speaker. Of course, JA's measurements accurately show that at 20 degrees above and below axis, we have deviations. However, these are at such an extreme angle, that they have no audible consequences. I would also encourage you to look at the in-room measurement published by JA, which is highly linear throughout the same frequency range.


      REG wrote: "box speaker with seemingly nonexotic drivers"

      I understand that to some extent, a cone or dome driver in a box may be viewed as ordinary. Let me use this podium to explain a bit about our drivers: our proprietary tweeter and subwoofer drivers are made in-house, using Scan-Speak Illuminator and Revelator magnets respectively. They are the best drivers that I have measured throughout my career so far; Scan-Speak's engineers, with whom I cooperate closely on our driver designs, concur.

      REG wrote: "no particularly apparently inventive ideas involved"

      Could you please explain how you draw this conclusion? A lot of years' work has gone into each and every part of the design, including things which are not externally apparent, such as crossovers. We have even won an award by Israel 's Ministry of Industry back when I still had a research lab there, for technological innovation. I have to say that I am puzzled by this remark.

      REG wrote: "One really wonders what people think they are paying for"

      We understand that our products are expensive, but their price is justified by the cost of the materials, labor and research that go into their production. May I take this opportunity to invite you to be my VIP guest at the factory, and experience first-hand what goes into the manufacturing and development of our speakers? You will have the opportunity to see our in-house CNC milling capabilities, our robotic precision-grinding equipment, the clean-room environment which spans the entire assembly area, etc.


      Sincerely yours,

      Yoav Geva


      YG Acoustics



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