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Re: Dali and TacT -- the end of the line, maybe?

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  • regtas43
    What happened to down-sizing for the trip to Europe? I am totally confused, since the MS5s are HUGE and weigh a ton. REG ... M/S 2150 ... coffin and ... it was
    Message 1 of 110 , Mar 1, 2007
      What happened to down-sizing for the trip to Europe?
      I am totally confused, since the MS5s are HUGE and weigh a ton.


      In regsaudioforum@yahoogroups.com, george day <george-day@...> wrote:
      > So,
      > Today I took delivery of my new toys: the Dali MS5s and the TacT
      M/S 2150
      > XDM.
      > First of all, the Dalis came in boxes the approximate size of a
      coffin and
      > just about has heavy. The driver helped me get them in the door and
      it was a
      > bear. However, the packaging is clever, if cumbersome, and I easily
      > unpacked and set up both speakers (carpeting made sliding them more
      or less
      > easy). Getting them back in the boxes in a couple months...that¹s
      going to
      > be another story. (Actually, I¹m having crates built for them;
      they¹re going
      > by boat.)
      > A note on aesthetics: these are the most beautiful speakers,
      visually, that
      > I have ever owned, and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
      They are
      > elegant, graceful, and extremely will finished. My wife was
      amazed, in a
      > happy way.
      > At almost the same time, UPS showed up with the TacT. Oh boy.
      > move, shove, plug, etc.
      > Right now, and until an hour or so from now, I am using the TacT in
      > mode. The family is awake and I don¹t have time to do the
      measurements and
      > all. However, I can say this:
      > 1. As a DAC, the TacT is has got to be as good as anything on the
      > My source ‹ really, my source ‹ is an Airport Express via optical
      output. I
      > still use the SB3, but less so. Beautiful, clear, grainless,
      > layered sound. Really something else.
      > 2. Well, this could be the speakers, too. Repeat all of the above.
      The are,
      > by a strong measure, the most involving speakers I¹ve had in my
      house ‹ in
      > my house, set up in my room, with no foam and all that stuff.
      > The set up is 8¹, center to center on the speakers, and I moved the
      > back so that the listening position is roughly 12¹ from the speaker
      > The back of the speaker is 18² from the wall...this places the
      front of the
      > speaker almost four feet from the wall! This is per the
      > recommendation. Okay, they don¹t image quite as tightly as a set of
      > beamed at your ears. Then again, I¹ve only had them playing for a
      couple of
      > hours! But they are beautiful. The bass is effortless, deep, and
      > and vocals are simply gorgeous. REG called the highs of the MS4 ‹
      > little brother, at half the weight, of the MS5 ‹ as exquisite.
      This speaker
      > has the same tweeter array, along with a small midrange driver, the
      > how I would describe it ‹ exquisite.
      > So, next comes the fun part.
      > 1. I¹m going to play with positioning a bit more. To do this, I¹m
      > furniture moving discs under the plinths. There is no other
      effective way I
      > can think of to move them around easily.
      > 2. With the TacT on bypass, I¹m going to take measurements the old-
      > way: mic, firewire device, computer. Mind you, I¹ve made a few
      > (namely, an Earthworks M30 microphone. Expensive.) I¹ll publish
      1/12 or 1/6
      > octave results.
      > 3. Then, I¹ll do the TacT correction thing. I HOPE I can get
      through it...it
      > looks a bit complicated.
      > 4. For the finally, I¹ll take measurements, again the old-fashioned
      > through the TacT filter. Compare and contrast.
      > Stay tuned.
    • will_hum
      I want HDCD to play my Neil Young CD s. He da man!!!
      Message 110 of 110 , Mar 5, 2007
        I want HDCD to play my Neil Young CD's.

        He da man!!!

        --- In regsaudioforum@yahoogroups.com, "regtas43" <regonaudio@...>
        > HDCD hardly exists any longer, as far as I can tell. I suppose one
        > might want to keep a spare device of some kind just to play RR.
        > REG
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