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  • regtas43
    Aug 8, 2014
      Once one gets reasonable accuracy, the "magic" question arises.
      I like for example the imaging effect of the beaminess of the BBC style speakers at the top of their midrange driver. This is incidentally not my private theory though I have written about it for years. Everyone who knows stuff knows about this. CF the TAS interview with the design of the AR mini speaker optimized for imaging. I enjoy this and if I have to pay the price of sitting fairly close to hear exactly correct tonal balance, I am all right with that.
      PSB does a good job of integrating into the room--an exceptional job--in the lower frequencies. Look again at the Sphile review of the Synchrony 1, the in room response. This and the Gradient Revolution are about as good a room response for smoothness as Sphile has ever published. This stuff works. In both case, one might want to raise the bass a bit--but you would not be fighting devastating "holes" In the world as it is today, what really counts to my mind is having something that EQs up a treat--though other things being equal it is nice if the speaker does not need to much EQ. (Exception EQing down excessive bass as in corner woofers is really not a problem.)
      Life is getting rational. But it is not getting totally without interest. Speakers still sound different, even when one EQs them to match.
      But the Infinities really do EQ up to get pretty much spot on one ideal of how a speaker ought to be in a room/ The thing is, that is not the only idea! though it is a nice one. I am having a wonderful time with them. Maybe I shall go down and listen to something now, come to think of it
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