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  • regsrus2000
    Aug 8, 2014
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      BTW, Robert, you commented earlier (can't find the post) that if I'd had the sense to just buy PSBs, the 200 Hz dip wouldn't be a problem.  Actually, I did have the sense to audition them (several models) and liked them, but couldn't really hear anything especially wonderful that would have made me buy them.  Probably just the audition conditions, not a problem with the speakers.  And I also had the cents with which to buy them, or most any other speakers.  But since I already have seven pair (I think), and not even much time to devote to audio these days (years), there was no pressure to buy anything at all.  As for the Infinitys, I bought them as a learning project, and have already learned a lot.  For one thing, they sound pretty good when EQed even just a bit, and for very little money indeed.  As you and Bob Dylan have both remarked, "The times, they are a- changin'.)

      Please continue to report your experiences and observations.

      David in NC

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