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50477SynRTA: What I've learned so far

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  • regsrus2000
    Aug 8, 2014
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      Here's what I've learned so far using SynRTA.

      1. Using CD to play 1/6-wave SynRTA quasi-pink noise is the easiest method.

      2. It still isn't easy.

      3. That Paula CD of Gade string music is gorgeous!  (Who cares about adjusting speakers when you can listen to that!)

      Questions for REG:  How far did you end up putting the speakers from the front wall (distance in inches from wall to back of enclosure)?  I'm looking for a ballpark estimate here, not to the nearest millimeter.  (I don't know even the rough estimate for what these floorstanders need, and would like a starting point.)

      And about how far apart do you have them (center to center)?

      David in NC