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50476Re: [regsaudioforum] Re: Playing with a new speaker(In this case Infinity Primus P363)

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  • regtas43
    Aug 8, 2014
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      In actual practice, programs are unlikely actually to work all that well. There are too many variables in actual rooms(except TMs concrete featureless bunker).
      One can get ideas--but you already have ideas, namely that the distances to floor, back wall and side wall should be different.
      Experimenting is really the only thing that works precisely. Why would anyone want to use a simplified model when they could easily check the reality.
      It reminds me of HL Mencken's famous story. A crowd of the recently deceased are on a road, walking forward. A fork in the road appears. One fork bears the indication  "This way to Heaven". The other bears "This way to a lecture on heaven". Almost all the Americans are going in the latter direction.
      It is always a mistake to use a simplified model when a relatively simple direct measurement of a situation is available.
      This is why automatic room correction is such a problem. The models are never good enough. Measuring the actual results and of course listening is what makes sense. Models are only models and they work only in very simple or over-simplified situations.
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