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50465Re: [regsaudioforum] Re: Playing with a new speaker(In this case Infinity Primus P363)

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  • Tom Mallin
    Aug 7, 2014
      The left side is easy:  the rack doesn't count.  The right side distance if probably made less critical because of the partial false wall created by the cabinets.  The more ambiguous the distance is, the less Allison suck out there will be, is my guess.  But experimenting as REG has described is the only way to be sure.

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 9:02 PM, wooftweet@... [regsaudioforum] <regsaudioforum@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Question re: computing ratios to avoid Allison effect with floorstanders:


      To the left of my left speaker is my low equipment rack, which is of open construction and therefore open to the left side wall behind it.  Is the distance of the left woofers the distance to the rack and its equipment (mostly open space), or the distance of the woofer to the wall behind that mostly-open rack?


      (The side wall for the right speaker is a built-in cabinet with doors, with a countertop and recessed bookcases above, perhaps visible in the picture I uploaded.  I''m assuming the distance from right woofers to right wall in this case is the distance to the cabinet doors at the lower level, which is at the level  of the woofers.)

      David in NC

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