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50459Re: Playing with a new speaker(In this case Infinity Primus P363)

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  • regtas43
    Aug 7, 2014
      The rule of thirds thing is wrong for floorstanders. Only dipoles have that as a reasonable starting point. This is quite aside from the fact that the thirds position makes the speakers be WAY too close together in most domestic rooms. Floorstanders usually have a serious Allison unloading that needs needs filling in by getting the speaker close to some other boundary. This is something that can be calculated but the best way is to move the speakers around(or you can put the speaker in the listening position and move the mike around if you hold it at the right height)./
      This is not so hard to do. The rough idea is to get the distance to the floor from the woofers, from the woofers to the side wall and the woofers to the rear wall to be quite different in terms of ratios--ratios far from 1!
      One gets used to this. Start with some speakers that do not weigh too much so it is easy to move them. Measure a position ,move the speaker, see if the big dip fills in(the dip is usually around 200Hz). The peaks are not so important--easy to Eq down. But you need to get rid of the dip.
      RTA measurement is the way to go here.
      Experimenting works wonders! This sort of thing is not so bad once one gets the hang of it. People are able to tolerate some errors. Apparently a lot of error in some cases!
      You will like it when you get it fixed.
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