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50455Playing with a new speaker(In this case Infinity Primus P363)

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  • regtas43
    Aug 7, 2014
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      A few more thoughts

      1 Not for the first time it occurred to me that there is effectively no chance of getting speakers really in the right place without a measuring system and even in the right place almost no chance of getting them to sound right without EQ. Even about as good a set up as one is likely to see eg

      figure 8 here'

      PSB Synchrony One loudspeaker Measurements | Stereophile.com

      still needs a 3dB lift at 200 Hz. Perfect is just not happening--or even close to it--passively, and moreover even something like this(which is really good as unEQed setups go) is not happening by moving things around and listening --unless you have a very long time to do it!

      Second point: Flat might not be exactly what one wants to hear, The dip at 3k is not just theoretical--it

      actually changes the sound(of course) and in some sense for the better--for a lot of recordings anyway.

      Third: I think a lot of reviews are just whistling in the dark. What the response really is is described indirectly by pseudo poetry so to speak. But it is not really clear that the reviewer always knows what is really going on, Such little things, little response changes in terms of broad-brush reviewer descriptions make such a large difference.  It is quite startling. Even people who measure are reluctant to say critical things. Sphile says the P363 is remarkably flat or some such description. But of course it really isn't--not in terms of what is audible. Compared to many speakers ok. But it makes a huge difference in the sound actually to flatten it out. Huge. Standards need to become more rigorous--and there I think needs to be more discussion of what a response ought to be,

      So the P363 is one kind of flat. The LS3/6 --which is equally flat in another idea of flat---sounds quite different (I refer now to the sound without EQ). The LS3/6 has several dB more energy in the 500-1k octave sloping down to the 1k level  for example and a flat response above that relative to the 1k level. The sound is quite different(I refer now to the unEQed sound). These things need to be faced I think not just sloughed off in "another good speaker" fashion. What is right may be tricky to say--but at least one could get concrete descriptions of exactly what the speakers sound like instead of raving on about how one can hear this or that detail on this or that recording which tells one pretty much nothing really,


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