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48427RE: John Dunlavy interview

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  • regtas43
    Feb 15, 2014

      Talk about a slippery slope! Deliberately creating distortion...  In any case, I have not heard the particular Magico model in question. I was only point out that sealed box design does not necessarily equate to lower distortion though the rationale to begin with was that the distortion was lower(way back when),  My personal feeling is that the desire to make subs really small is  bit silly--the Carver Cube was just a stunt to my mind. Perhaps these are only the words of someone who has a dedicated audio room the looks of which are observed by no one else except the dogs. And they do not care about the sizes of speakers. My impression is that people became intrigued by exploiting the availability and cheapness of amp power and decided to do these tiny subs because they could. Suprisingly many things in life are done simply because people could do them. If Hillary had been less poetic and more perceptive he might have said not "Because it's there" with "Because I can".


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