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  • regtas43
    Feb 14, 2014

      Of course the sealed box thing has some theoretical reason to it. But there are a lot of people who do not care for the sound of it and hear it as artificial.  In my own experience, the ported box Cerwin Vegas had about as good bass in my room as anything ever. They sounded really natural in the bass. Note too that the idea that sealed boxes have lower distortion is given the lie here at least down to around 50 Hz. The distorition is about 1 %

      or less, which effectively is no distortion at all in the bass frequencies. The point of sealed boxes in the case of AR was that one could get low bass distortion with a smaller box--the CVs are large!. And of course there is the transient response stuff . But in practice,. the CVs sounded very good in the transient sense in the bass. A lot of people find the theoretically better transients of sealed boxes to sound un-natural. Who knows why? But they do--serious people. I have heard serious people call it a coloration, even. Perception of bass in rooms is not such a simple thing. Listen for yourself--and be skeptical of theoreticians(who in audio are quite often wrong since the situations are so complex, involving as they do human perception to such an extent).

      Personally, I have heard some sealed box bass that I liked but it is not cut and dried whatever the people who like to present engineering as psychoacoustic truth would have one believe..


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