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47610RE: Fightin and trouble is my middle name on line re Daniel Hertz

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  • regtas43
    Dec 4, 2013

      I think the comments about pro drivers have some validity in general though I do not know what is in the speaker exactly. Cabinets cost something--noce furniture is not cheap--though if you do not go crazy on finish they do not cost all thst much. But ultimately a speaker's sounds comes mostly from its drivers. Crossover design counts for a lot--but crossovers are cheap to make once one has the design. In short, nothing costs a whole lot. Even really good drivers do not cost all that much. (I believe a pair of Excel tweeters from SEAS costs around $400. This is a lot as tweeters go and as part of a retail $12,000 product it is substantial. But as part of a $100,000 product...not so much.) I think it makes sense to step back and ask one;s self what one is paying though of course there are lots of expenses of shipping and distribution and dealer markup.

      But somehow you have to get around the fact that Cerwin Vega can get a pair of large speakers, really large, with two great big ole 15 inch woofers , waveguided midrange and tweeter etc etc to you for under $2000.  OK so they are made in Malasia(PSB is made in China). But the shipping costs etc are not reduced by that.

      Personally I do not see $100,000 in the Daniel Hertz speakers but I do not know what the drivers are. It would be interesting to know.

      I also cannot help wondering if they sound all that much better(or any better)  than the Cerwin Vegas

      with a little EQ if desired--which have the same property of having a lot of dynamic headroom and low distortion at listening volumes.


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