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47608RE: Fightin and trouble is my middle name on line re Daniel Hertz

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  • kevindoyle.forum
    Dec 3, 2013

      Wow.  I hadn't even noticed the comments.  Steve Eddy is a funny guy.  

      Looking at the Hertz page, I found more comedy, in the form of a car analogy, seemingly always present in audio:

      The drivers are capable of generating over 130dB SPL if powered by 4,000 Watts. Daniel Hertz SA has chosen to limit the dynamic range to around 126dB for ear safety reasons, using over 200W of power. The SPL recommended by audiologists for extended listening is 75dB. This is roughly equivalent to a car that is suitable for comfortable daily driving but has a top safe speed of over 480 kM per hour (approximately 300 mph).

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