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  • Robert
    Jun 12, 2012
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      Paul and I are friends, and to some extent
      we went around the show together--but not all the time.
      I too liked the Gradient room very much.
      The Sanders room did not sound to me as good
      as I have heard the speakers sound elsewhere--
      I think the speakers were too close to the back wall--
      not the fault of the speaker of course. In my
      experience dipoles need to be about seven feet minimum
      from the back wall to work right.
      The Lotus room sounded good, but compared to Alex's
      room, they sounded like speakers in a room.
      The Sonys sounded very good--everyone knows I like the AR1s a
      lot and the AR2s are similar. They were in a huge room
      and quite close together. It was about a week before
      the first wall reflection! Excellent piano sound.

      I have no explanation for the omission of Alex's room.
      I would have put it at the top of the list , followed by
      Gradient and Trinnov(who had an almost nonmusical
      demo devoted to moving images around the room, but who
      are clearly on to something) and for pure civilisation in
      the musical and audio(and sensible price) sense, in spite of conventional sound in a way, Harbeth. Sony was also very nice
      but not a typical home environment.


      --- In regsaudioforum@yahoogroups.com, "jpaia@..." <jpaia@...> wrote:
      > http://www.avguide.com/blog/the-show-newport-paul-seydor-analog-and-vinyl?page=1
      > Best sound—cost no object:
      > "No one system did it all, so here are four that stood out (in the order in which I heard them): (1) Roger Sanders Model 10 Hybrid electrostatic ($13k/pr)—closest to absolute neutrality, coherence, and freedom from coloration; (2) The Lotus Group G2 speaker, a three way open baffle dynamic dipole ($75k, price includes DSP crossover, bass amplification, and professional calibration in the home)—one of the very rare "big sounding" speakers that was not at the same time overwhelming—it could scale up or down yet remain true to the music and was always inviting and involving (see my report); (3) Gradient Revolution Active System with SW-D towers ($19k)—as heard in SimpliFi Audio's suite, quite the best, the truest reproduction of an orchestra I experienced at the show, with some of the most accurate bass reproduction I've heard anywhere; (4) Sony AR-2 ($20k/pr), slightly smaller model of the superlative AR-1—best all-around single enclosure speaker, beautifully natural, poised, refined yet dynamic and lifelike (I had to tear myself from the room)."
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