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  • wd4nka
    Hi, folks: I am looking for vintage wireless enthusiasts who may be interested in establishing a permanent operating Station at the Florida Pioneer Settlement
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      Hi, folks:

      I am looking for vintage wireless enthusiasts who may be interested in establishing a
      permanent operating Station at the Florida Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts,
      which is a teaching museum, the only one of it's kind in Central Florida, where more than
      13,000 students from all over Central and North Florida visit annually.

      The Amateur Station's purpose would be primarily to demonstrate wireless
      communication as was typical of 1930 - 1950. These demonstrations would take place
      during special events and periodically thru the week as is possible, for field trip
      school tours, walk-in visitors, etc. Obviously, the station would demonstrate cw in
      the main, although not necessarily in entiretly.

      If enough area hams are interested enough to become involved, an Association
      would form as an adjunct to the Settlement, which can be quite unique. Especially
      since it would be part of the Museum, enjoying the same tax deduction status, etc.

      There are other societies which form their nucleus around exhibits there, such
      as the Blacksmiths, which hold their own private events on the Settlement Campus,
      the Central Florida Flywheelers do events there. The Wireless Society can also
      use the campus for events, swap-meets, etc. The campus is pretty sizeable. And
      so is the place where the station would be installed: the Station Master's office
      at the old Railway Station. There are glass shelves for display items, two tables,
      good lighting and lots of vintage atmosphere. There is even a lobby.

      What i envision is a crew of three ops to man the station during events, the First
      op at operating position, the Second to speak to the visitors, the third to break either one
      as is appropriate. There are several day and weekend events during the calender
      year. The Settlement provides parking, camping and meals for participants. It
      can be a lot of fun, a neat central location between the Beaches, Ocala and Deland/
      Sanford. It can also be a great way to perpetuate and pass on the legacy and enjoyment
      of BA and CW operation, Homebrewing, operating the classics, and even Ham Radio itself.
      And you'll never know just what a mark you may make in the life of a student from a
      single, yet impressive visit. I know, i've been around long enough to see what can

      We will need apparatus, test equipment, etc. More than likely i will hang my station
      license there. If this becomes reality, my HRO will be part of the line-up. More than
      likely we will be building up the transmitter, PS and tuning unit. Focus will be on code,
      but phone certainly can be part of it. AM phone. Of course, donations are tax

      This post is not to get folks to commit immediately. What i am looking for are folks that
      think they may be interested, all things considering. If i can show a list of names of potential
      members to the Board of Directors, it's a go. We have grant resources, a very positive staff
      and a Director who wants to see it happen.

      Contact me off list: wd4nka@...

      I might add that while i am appealing to hams within drive-distance, membership would
      be open to anyone. We have member-sponsors all over the world. And just think: what
      a fun way to spend part of a Florida Vacation! We have our largest event, the Fall Jamboree,
      on the first weekend of November. It's an international craft, enactment and music-filled
      filled weekend indeed!

      The Florida Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts is situated near the confluence
      of US 17 and Fla Hwy 40, north of DeLeon Springs and Deland, west of Ormond Beach,
      and about 50 miles east of Ocala. The Settlement Campus occupies several tree shaded
      acres just off Hwy 40. ( 1776 Lightfoot Lane ) Visit:


      gary // wd4nka

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