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  • Brian Carling
    Guys please read this. My greatest concern with the absurd ARRL Proposal RM-11306 is not just about the AM restrictions but ALSO about the annoying WINLINK
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2006
      Guys please read this. My greatest concern with the absurd
      ARRL Proposal RM-11306 is not just about the AM restrictions
      but ALSO about the annoying WINLINK PACTOR robot stations
      that are already devastating communications on the CW and
      digital sub-bands, being allowed to then spread their trash all
      over the phone bands too. I am not against digital on HF.

      This is a very important issue and one of ARRL's worst blunders
      in our lifetime. Please distribute this note widely:

      = = =

      I am writing to make sure you know about a Petition the FCC
      is considering that would apply restrictions to AM that we
      have never faced before. Please take the time to read the
      Petition, which can be seen at the link below.

      I personally want to ask you to file a formal COMMENT in
      opposition to
      it. There is an internet-based system the FCC uses to accept
      but it's cumbersome, so I am stepping forward to take your
      comments as
      an email and file them on your behalf, under your name, callsign
      callbook address.

      This is a very serious matter for our part of the hobby, and a strong
      turnout in opposition will influence the FCC's ultimate decision
      to allow or reject the Petition. Would you please also reply to this,
      to let me know that you will help?

      All we need is a reason why you oppose this Petition. I am certain
      will find several points to comment on. Pick as many as you can
      the time to fight against in your response.

      After I file it in the FCC database, I will reply to you with the FCC
      confirmation number as your record of having participated. All of us
      will really appreciate anything you can say.

      Here are the links if you wish to file on your own behalf.

      To observe comments:


      In the proceeding box just type in the RM number your are

      'and this link for filing your comments:


      When referring to 11306 you must type it in as RM-11306

      If you do not understand the system or feel uncomfortable with the
      filing site please fire off your comments to - - - -

      stoprm11306@.... .

      Include your comments, a paragraph or two and your legal name,
      with your call as listed in the QRZ Database. I will file your
      for you.

      In my opinion there is something more important going on that we
      must take action on. We (the amateur community) have been left
      out of
      the decisoin making process. Whether we are pro or con on the
      we need to show that we have concerns and this can only be
      thru numbers of participation.

      Considering the time and money we put into our hobby we need to
      just 5 minutes of our time and send a message to the ARRL and
      the FCC.

      It is time to take back our hobby and the only way this will happen
      to show those that are dictating our direction that we are part of the
      process and will except nothing less.


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