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  • Leonard Meek
    Astro, David, I did all the things you suggested and I think it s working now. The Yahoo site still opens with Hi Leonard, but I have to sign in to the
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 1, 2013
      Astro, David, I did all the things you suggested and I think it's working
      now. The Yahoo site still opens with "Hi Leonard," but I have to sign in to
      the individual groups. I'll keep checking to make sure it keeps working.
      Thanks for the help.


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      > --- In regenrx@yahoogroups.com, "Leonard Meek" <lemeek@...> wrote:
      >> BlankAstro, Yahoo is still keeping me signed in, even though I uncheck
      >> the box. It no big thing, but I'm leery after losing everything on my
      >> hard drive from a virus infection.
      > Try this: Explore your browser settings to find out how to clear its cache
      > (locally saved web content), history, and site settings (like saved
      > passwords), and the fully clear all three (and whatever else it may be
      > saving across usage sessions). Then _close and restart the browser_, and
      > then try logging into Yahoo Groups again, taking care to uncheck any "Keep
      > me logged in" or "Remember me" (or whatever similar) box you may see on
      > the username/password page--including choosing "Never" (not just "No) to
      > any "Remember your password for this site?"--offers you may see just after
      > submitting your username and password.
      > You should not be auto-logged-in at any point during this process if you
      > sufficiently cleared your stored files and settings as described above.
      > Now log out of YG, and then log back in to YG. You should be challenged
      > for your username and password to log in and should not be auto-logged-in.
      > If you're automatically logged in, your browser is remembering your
      > password, and/or your state of logged-in-ness from a previous session. All
      > such local storage is clearable, but how to clear it differs from browser
      > to browser, and may require digging. There's no need to delete bookmarks
      > or favorites; that storage doesn't remember passwords.
      > If you have trouble getting this to work, please let me know which browser
      > you're using on which operating system and I'll develop a set of steps to
      > take you through the process.
      > Best regards,
      > Dave
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      > full-time web-software tester
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