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Re: OOPS! Hello Mark, That's certainly where some of them live. The rest are in Liddesdale. I didn't know that "lid" was still in the ham vocabulary---good on you! When

Brian Burns
11:43 AM

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Re: OOPS! ... Is that the town where LIDS reside ;-) Regards, Mark KB9VKE

11:23 AM

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Re: Regen operation during NRR Gary, For a fixed-channel LSB network in Africa I had some success with a crystal as front-end filter. Not much use for a ham band, except perhaps on a qrp

10:05 AM

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Re: OOPS! Hello David, Yeah, you’re right, and I’ve known you were right just based on what happens in bandwidth to even high Q circuits as you go up in frequency.

Brian Burns
10:03 AM

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Re: OOPS! ... Make that two frequency conversions at 160 and 80 meters, three frequency conversions at 40 meters down to 10. The IFs are 3035 kHz (not on 80 and 160),

9:57 AM

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Re: OOPS! ... A triple-tuned tracking filter, as I recall. Ahead of a 7360 beam-deflection mixer. Nothing we can do at RF--at a signal's operating frequency--can

9:34 AM

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OOPS! Hello All. I meant that to be to Gary personally---Sorry! (Boy am I ever) Brian Hello Gary, I thought that I would send along a .pdf of the QST article. I hope

Brian Burns
8:43 AM

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QST article on selectivity Hello Gary, I thought that I would send along a .pdf of the QST article. I hope that my violating their copyright protection, is Ok with your scruples as a

Brian Burns
8:39 AM

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Re: Regen operation during NRR Hello Gary, Thanks very much for the thoughtful reply! In my search through the literature for selectivity, I came across an article in QST by a fellow that

Brian Burns
8:33 AM

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Re: Regen operation during NRR It does, but I know what you mean. I have a fella across the lake that has a kilowatt digital set-up that roars over forty, desenses my FT-101, puts my HQ-170

5:03 AM

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Re: Suggestions for simple tube regen for a first tube build Antique radio and radio parts: Peebles Originals Crystal set kits and tube radios plus a whole lot more. ...   Alvin P. Schmitt APSTRON LLC P.O. Box

Alvin Schmitt
11:13 PM

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Re: LM386 Thanks for that, Bear. I already had the National Semiconductor file. Your additions are, however, very helpful. Like others, I have had mixed results with

2:20 PM

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Re: LM386 Michael, There are tons of LM386 schematics on the web but most are "incomplete" in one or more respects. If you want something a bit more "authorative" you

Feb 27

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Re: Suggestions for simple tube regen for a first tube build Hello Ray What about a twinplex? The circuit has been built many times and is working well. The circuit is straight foreward and doesn' need an interstage

Feb 27

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Re: Regen operation during NRR Hello Gary, ~ Just to update about the Novice Rig Round-up and Regenerative Receivers: the Regenerodyne has shown itself to be quite the rx to dig down deep

Brian Burns
Feb 27
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