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Reflexology and Stroke

http://igg.me/p/272548?a=1115776 Please check out our Indiegogo campaign to help a victim of stroke. Thank you. Kevin Kunz
Kevin K
Nov 10, 2012

Re: (unknown)

kevin kunz and a few others fought very hard here in new mexico for that and won.    ________________________________ From: TARA CORNISH
tess degange
Apr 13, 2012

Re: What is the future of Reflexology

Brenda, Every state has different requirements for Bodywork. Many states exclude Reflexology from massage law, but not all states do that. Delaware does not
David Patterson
Apr 13, 2012

Re: (unknown)

Yes, I am and have been in practice ten years. In Delaware, I am not allowed to work by diagnosis just for balance and relaxation, but I am a certified
David Patterson
Apr 13, 2012

Re: What is the future of Reflexology

What is it about the bill that you find troubling? I've just read it, and as I understand it, Washington now recognizes "Certified Reflexologist" as a
Brenda Morris
Apr 12, 2012

(no subject)

We need to become independant from massage therapy, because we do not do massage. Are you a certified reflexologist? [Non-text portions of this message have
Apr 12, 2012

Re: Dental pain and anxiety

Greetings, Clove oil is great.  It's been used for years. I worked on dental patients while they were in the chair getting work done.  it was amazing!  Less
tess degange
Apr 11, 2012

Migraine Headaches

I have 16 year old male who suffers from migraines so bad he has to be hospitalized. The doctors believe it may be from a concussion to the brain stem after
Jane Lanverman
Apr 11, 2012

Re: Any Reflexologist in Bahrain

any reflexologist in Bahrain ? ________________________________ From: druwinan To: reflexologycommunity@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday,
Ali Sami
Apr 11, 2012


Dear Friends of  Reflexology, I am Janine Singh from Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies.I am a practicing reflexologist in reflexology vibrational
Janine Singh
Apr 11, 2012

What is the future of Reflexology

I have been reading various information about Reflexology online that has been associating Reflexology with Massage Therapy. It seems that we may be loosing
Apr 11, 2012

Re: What is alternative medicine and complementary medicine?

I agree with Ken, but you really must go from state to state in the USA to find out how things are judged. My own definition of each is that alternative means
David Patterson
Mar 18, 2012

Re: Need your help - Spiros, Greece

Spiros, Your course looks interesting! Wish I could attend! Do you have Orthopedic Reflexology charts available? Have you designed them? Best, Connie Hubley
Mar 18, 2012

Re: Dental pain and anxiety

Dear Melissa, Of course, reflex the head and teeth reflexes. Also, try googling 'oil pulling' - an ayurvedic practice for dental hygiene. It is a simple and
Mar 18, 2012

Re: New to the group, hello to all and a question about viruses

Kenneth, Thanks for the input, I am learning that is true. I know I can learn a lot from asking the body a question, it always gives an answer. I love the work
Mar 18, 2012
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