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Vacancy: Marine Technical Assosciate - RARE Indonesia

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  • Raymond Jakub
    http://hire.jobvite.com/Jobvite/Job.aspx?m=nXlvhlwU&j=oc6lXfwk Marine Technical Associate, Indonesia Rare Bogor, Indonesia Full-Time Marine Technical
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2013
      http://hire.jobvite.com/ Jobvite/Job.aspx?m=nXlvhlwU&j= oc6lXfwk

      Marine Technical Associate, Indonesia
      Bogor, Indonesia

      Marine Technical Associate, Indonesia
      Location: Bogor, Indonesia
      Reports to: Marine Technical Director, Indonesia
      Last Updated: April 2013
      Travel: up to 40% on annual average
      About Rare
      Rare, a U.S.-based conservation organization, works globally to equip people in the world’s most threatened natural areas with the tools and motivation they need to care for their natural resources. For the last 30 years, at more than 90 sites and in more than 50 nations, Rare has addressed the underlying social and economic factors that create environmental threats. Rare’s approach has been to develop marketing and business development tools that motivate local communities to protect their natural surroundings. Rare’s conservation toolkit has been embraced by many large environmental organizations, including The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the National Audubon Society.
      Rare’s signature Pride campaign builds grassroots support for environmental protection by training local conservation leaders in the use of commercial marketing tactics to build awareness, influence attitudes, and enable meaningful change. Rare has more than twenty years of experience in building local Pride for biodiversity conservation and has trained over 120 locally-based conservationists.  Over the next 5 years, Rare plans to triple in size, resulting in exponentially greater impact.
      At this time Rare is focusing its efforts on marine campaigns, through its “Fish Forever” global strategy. These campaigns are focusing on the implementation of No-Take Zones (NTZs) in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and associated rights-based fisheries (RBM) implementation.
      About the Position
      The Pride campaigns use a combination of social marketing techniques (to enhance support to conservation management and change knowledge, attitude and practice at the community level for conservation goals), and barrier removal activities. Rare is currently working in 12 different MPAs across Indonesia and Malaysia, with alumni campaigns in a further 10 MPAs in Indonesia and Timor Leste, and plans to expand further in coming years.
      At these campaign sites there are a range of barriers that impede behavior change. These ‘barriers’ include (but are not limited to): lack of boundary markers identifying where the zone(s) are, lack of any formal community agreements in relation to the MPAs Zoning Plan, outsider fishermen (from other regions) continuing to fish in the NTZ (thus reducing any incentive for local fishers to comply with zoning regulations), limited fishing gear options meaning fishermen cannot go to other sites to fish, or lack of any alternative livelihoods (where zone restriction severely impacts fishers livelihoods).
      A “barrier removal” (BR) strategy is developed by the MPA management agency during the planning phase of the campaigns. Here the agency identifies the barriers to effective No Take Zone implementation and develops a plan to “remove these barriers”. The Marine Technical Associate will work closely with the Marine Technical Director and Pride Program Managers (PPMs) to support the implementation of Barrier Removal activities at campaign sites. Activities will include (but not be limited to): supporting sites to install boundary markers to show the locations of the NTZs; supporting sites to develop local community agreements to the zoning plans; supporting agencies to finalize zoning plan processes (including participatory mapping activities); supporting sites to implement restricted community fishing areas to provide incentives for local community members; supporting MPA sites to design and implement effective enforcement and surveillance systems (that effectively engage local community members); supporting the development of fisher cooperatives  etc.
      Working closely with the MPA agencies and campaign managers, the barriers to behavior change at each site are identified early in the campaign design process, and the implementation of barrier removal activities is conducted at the same time (and in alignment with) the social marketing activities of the Pride Campaign over a two year period.
      Training will be provided for this position in the Rare Pride process, and the Marine Technical Associate will be expected to take the lead role in liaising with the relevant technical teams at each MPA site. The design of barrier removal activities will be closely coordinated with the Marine Technical Director and Marine Measures Associate, and associated technical expert consultants. The Marine Technical Associate will also be responsible for coordinating any external consultant expert visits to sites and ensuring activities are closely aligned with the overall Pride Campaign process.
      In addition to the technical support role that this position will undertake, the Marine Technical Associate will also support and deliver training to the campaign managers and other partners as needed. The Rare Pride Program includes 17 weeks of university-based training in 5 subject areas: Conservation Theory and Practice, Research Methodologies, Social Marketing techniques, Project Management, and Leadership skills development; and 84 weeks in the field implementing social marketing-based Pride Campaigns in their communities.  Within this formal training process the Marine Technical Associate will support the Marine Technical Director and Training Director in the curriculum customization process, delivery of targeted Marine technical training at the University phases, in-house capacity building of rare staff (especially Pride Project Managers responsible for mentoring the Campaign Managers) and strategic support to the program participants throughout the training, implementation, and evaluation cycles of each Pride Campaign.

      Areas of Responsibility:
      The Marine Technical Associates key responsibilities will be to support the design and implementation of barrier removal activities at sites through the following activities:
      • To work closely with the Marine Technical Director, Marine Measures Associate, Pride Program Managers and MPA agencies to design appropriate barrier removal activities.
      • To work closely with the Marine Technical Director, Marine Measures Associate, Pride Program Managers and MPA agencies to implement appropriate barrier removal activities.
      • To take a lead role in liaising with the MPA management agencies (and their relevant technical teams) at each site to tailor and customize BR implementation and ensure alignment with the Pride Campaign process.
      • To ensure BR activities are designed to consider site-specific needs, resources and limitations.
      • To source and oversee external consultant technical support where needed.
      • To ensure BR continuation plans (post-campaign) are appropriately designed for long-term sustainability
      • To support the Marine Technical Director & Training Director in the customization of the curriculum
      • To undertake delivery of customization components in University phases
      • To support the PPMs in day to day technical advice and support,  and support the Marine Technical Director in delivering targeted in house training to improve in house capacity for marine theme development
      • To support the Marine Technical Director, Partnerships Manager and Vice President in the campaign recruitment process, in terms of leading follow up technical communications with management agencies to acquire pre-information on potential barriers (and likely barrier removal activities) at each site
      • To perform frequent language and cultural translations with wider Rare staff to ensure materials are appropriate and effective
      • To provide general administrative and logistical support, as needed
      • To work as part of a team to review and provide coordinated feedback to Pride campaign products and assignments, campaign deliverables, project plans, materials in development, and final reports.
      • To conduct on site support visits with associated managers.
      • To work diligently to constantly improve and update course materials, Pride curriculum and tools for the Pride program, and promote cross-campaign learning and network building.
      • To attend formal and informal training sessions to learn Rare’s Barrier Removal concept within the Theory of Change
      Qualifications, Skills & Knowledge Requirements
      • Education and/or experience equivalent to a Master’s Degree in the field of marine conservation management, natural resource management or related subject.
      • Strong understanding of marine conservation, ecology and biodiversity issues
      • 5 years or more of work experience in marine conservation management, MPA management support, integrated coastal zone management
      • Two or more years experience working on-the-ground in conservation / MPA management with local communities in remote areas
      • Proven success in project planning and management skills.
      • Considerable experience in on-the-ground MPA management issues, such as community based surveillance and enforcement systems, boundary marker installation, zoning plan development.
      • Teaching, training, or coaching experience.
      • Good track record, relations and marine networks within Indonesia and South-East Asia preferred
      • Proven success in being able to thrive in team environments, having a strong understanding of diversity and other cultures, and  having built relationships over long distances
      • Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia languages – both written and oral – required
      • Willingness to travel, often to very remote locations, based on needs of the position (up to 40% on annual average).
      • Experienced in using MS Office, databases, basic GIS, graphics or multi-media software
      Compensation and Benefits
      Rare not only inspires conservation, we also inspire our employees. In addition to a competitive salary, private medical insurance, retirement savings plan and 3+ weeks of vacation/holiday leave time, Rare’s benefits include an annual training budget for continuous learning and growth, a bonus plan that ties to individual and organizational performance, and a flexible and fun work environment.
      Application Process
      Please submit your resume/CV (in English) and a thoughtful cover letter (also in English), outlining how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position, and stating how you heard about this opportunity. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but candidates are encouraged to apply by May 15.

      Rare is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability
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