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    thx mas... ... Dari: Abdullah Habibi Judul: [reefcheckind] Fw: Fwd: [Coral-List] FW: Coral information now online Kepada:
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      thx mas...

      --- Pada Kam, 30/6/11, Abdullah Habibi <habeebollah@...> menulis:

      Dari: Abdullah Habibi <habeebollah@...>
      Judul: [reefcheckind] Fw: Fwd: [Coral-List] FW: Coral information now online
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      Menyambung imel lebih dari setahun kemarin, akhirnya Coral ID dapat diakses dg gratis secara online untuk pembelajaran kita semua.

      Silahkan dimanfaatkan yaa...

      Salam, Habib

      *teringat jaman dulu, untuk belajar karang harus membawa 3 volume Corals of The Wold-nya JEN Veron. sekarang cukup bawa handphone masing2 unt belajar karang. hiks hiks*

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      Subject: Fwd: [Coral-List] FW: Coral information now online
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      From: "Ray Berkelmans" <R.Berkelmans@...>
      Date: 30 Jun 2011 18:55
      Subject: [Coral-List] FW: Coral information now online
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      Cc: "Mark Rehbein" <M.Rehbein@...>, "David Crossman" <D.Crossman@...>

      Dear Listers

      See message below re Coral ID and Coral Geographic.


      From: Mark Rehbein
      Sent: Thursday, 30 June 2011 1:38 PM
      To: Ray Berkelmans
      Cc: David Crossman
      Subject: Coral information now online

      Hi Ray,

      We've been working with Charlie and Mary for some time on a website for hard corals.  We have now released the first phase of the project.  You can find it here:


      Corals of the World online is an interactive program which captures global information about corals and makes it readily accessible to conservationists, educators and research scientists alike. The program is divided into two linked components, Coral ID and Coral Geographic.

      Coral ID is founded on the three-volume book, "Corals of the World" (Veron, 2000) and incorporates the species data in the electronic publication "Coral ID" (Veron and Stafford-Smith, 2002). Species pages give summaries of key characteristics as well as taxonomic detail of 794 species of hard coral. Over 6500 colour and black and white photos expand on those published previously.

      Coral Geographic has not been previously published although it has been providing geographic data about corals since the early 1990s. At this time, geographic information are provided as an interactive distribution map for each species.

      The site also contains supporting information about corals and coral reefs.

      Information, photos and interactive distribution map for each species can be found under the Coral ID section.  This is the direct link to the species list.


      Would you mind posting a message to coral-list@...<mailto:coral-list@...> to let them know of the site?

      If you have any feedback about the site, just let me know.




      Mark Rehbein
      Manager, AIMS Research Data Systems
      Australian Institute of Marine Science

      Ph:     07 47 534 453
      Mob:  0410477731


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