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The coral reef crisis - presentasi oleh J (Charlie) Veron

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  • Abdullah Habibi
    Dear all, This presentation is smartly created by J (Charlie) Veron. Saya sangat merekomendasikan teman-teman menyempatkan waktu untuk membaca dan merenunginya
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      Dear all,

      This presentation is smartly created by J (Charlie) Veron. Saya sangat merekomendasikan teman-teman menyempatkan waktu untuk membaca dan merenunginya


      J. (Charlie) Veron wrote:

      Dear colleague,

      If you have a care for the future of coral reefs in the face of  climate
      change, I implore you to take an hour to watch a presentation  I gave at the
      Royal Society. Please then become a part of the movement  to make the world
      aware of what looms ahead for reefs by asking as many people as possible to
      watch this video and pass its message on:  it is critical to reach people in
      all walks of life. You can do your  bit and it will make a difference.

      The video can be watched at: http://royalsociety.org/page. asp?id=3093
       (select “Is the Great Barrier Reef on Death Row?”).

       Yours sincerely,


       J.E.N. ('Charlie') Veron

       Former Chief Scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
       Adjunct Professor, James Cook University (JCU)
       Adjunct Professor, Queensland University (UQ)
       www.coralreefresearch.org <http://www.coralreefresearch. org/>

      A few people have experienced problems trying to watch the video.  Here are
      some suggestions if you experience problems:

      You are welcome to use the powerpoint (too big to email): download it from:
      ftp://ftp.aims.gov.au/pub/ Veron/The_Coral_Reef_Crisis. ppt

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