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Reed Potluck this Saturday

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  • Greg Lam
    Just a reminder that the Reed Potluck will be this Saturday at Luke Weisman s house at 7pm. Directions are at the bottom of this email. POTLUCK CHOOSING
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2002
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      Just a reminder that the Reed Potluck will be this Saturday at Luke
      Weisman's house at 7pm. Directions are at the bottom of this email.


      Bring your best dish, or, if you can't decide what your best dish is, use
      our choosing mechanism to find out!

      1. Pick any number such as your age, your phone number, or your Reed ID

      2. Add all of the digits of the number together.

      3. Is the resultant number a single digit number? If so, then skip to #4.
      If not, keep adding the digits together until you get a number between 1
      and 9.

      4. When you get a resultant number that is single digit, use this chart to
      decide what to bring:

      1-2 Beverages or snacks
      3-4 Appetizers
      5-7 Main Dishes
      8-9 Dessert

      Hope to see you there.



      110 Boston Ave
      (Instructions below)

      Directions to Palladium (Quasifandango) from Davis Square:

      The address is 110 Boston Ave, #2, Somerville

      This is just off Broadway's Ball Square in Somerville.

      To drive from Boston:
      I highly recommend getting a map because getting lost is as easy as
      dropping one's hat. Furthermore there are all sorts of ways to get to my
      house, I don't own a car so I don't understand navigation, and my
      directions have been described by various folks as "sucky." But here
      goes: Cross the Harvard bridge and head down Mass Ave. When you reach
      Prospect (in Central Square, it has a light), take a right. Take Prospect
      to Hampshire and take a left. Follow Hampshire (it turns into
      Beacon) until it dead-ends. This is the main leg of the journey, so it
      takes a bit of time. Notice Dali restauraunt and Wine and Cheese Cask at
      halfway point--this is the best intersection in the city. When you have
      reached the dead end, take a left onto Somerville, go a few blocks,
      passing the supermarket on right, and take the first right you can (onto
      Beech), go one block, cross Elm onto Willow (it is almost directly across
      the street, a bit to the right), take Willow to Broadway, take a right, go
      a few blocks, veer right at the fork onto Boston Ave, go a few blocks, and
      you are done.

      Find Broadway in Somerville. Boston Ave is a branch off of Broadway, and
      I live three blocks from that intersection. The intersection is labeled
      with a sign reading, "Ball Square."

      To walk:
      Get out of the T, College Ave Exit. This is NOT the one on the same
      block as the Somerville theater. You will be on College Ave, and this
      non-existant-busses-go-on-it-but-no-cars street. Go down this fake
      street. This street turns into a parking lot, and then it turns into
      the bike path. Ignore these changing surroundings and keep to the
      straight line of the original street. Follow the bike path. Cross
      Willow, and go until you get to a round brick circle with a basketball
      court on the right. Take a left and go down Highland street till you
      get to Boston Ave. Take a right, and I am on the right in two blocks.
      The entire walk takes 15-20 minutes.

      Alternatively, you can march down College to Powder House Square and
      then march down Broadway to Boston Ave. Take a right, and march down
      to the house. This is 5 minutes longer, about.

      Usually the downstairs door is unlocked or open; if it is, push and
      come up to the 2nd floor. If not, ring the buzzer.

      The phone number is 617-PROBATE or 905-4103 (cell)

      A bad map:

      'T1 '
      ' ' ==PowderHouse
      ' DAVIS' ==College== =
      ' SQUARE'== =
      ' ====== =
      ' T2' ====BROADWAY========
      ''''''''' ======== =
      \ ===== =
      ======Willow=== =
      \ Boston Ave
      Bike Path =
      \ =
      =============Highland Rd===
      \ =
      ===Pearson Ave =====
      *P* =

      T1: WRONG T exit
      T2: RIGHT T exit
      ....: Showing that College and Broadway intersect.
      *P*: The house called Palladium (Quasifandango)
      '''': Indicating Davis Square
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