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Housemates Ad (fwd)

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  • Greg Lam
    Greetings- Anyone interested in housing in the Cambridge area should contact me, as I m moving out of the house I ve been living at in a couple of weeks, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2002

      Anyone interested in housing in the Cambridge area should contact me, as
      I'm moving out of the house I've been living at in a couple of weeks, and
      another housemate moved out last month. The rent is dirt cheap (the
      landlord is not interested in making market value for his house) and the
      place is very conveniently located near Central Square and Harvard Square
      and the Mass Pike. There are five bedrooms, and the other residents are
      MIT graduates.

      Below is an email with further details. Like Reedies, MIT students like
      to name their houses. The name of this house is "Starbase Zero".


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      Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 16:48:55 -0400
      From: Richard J. Barbalace <rjbarbal@...>
      To: starbase-zero@...
      Subject: Housemates Ad

      Here's a brief ad to send out for housemates. Please check it over
      for accuracy. Send me suggestions of lists or people to send this.

      + Richard

      Subject: Housemates wanted

      Two rooms are available at Base. The larger room (by volume) is about
      12x15, not counting a closet, with hardwood flooring, located on the
      second floor. The smaller room is about 13x14, with tile/carpet
      flooring, located on the third floor.

      Base is an entire house shared by 5 people. There is much common
      space and storage areas, including a living room, dining room, and
      unfinished basement. The kitchen has a brand new refrigerator and a
      new stove. The basement has fairly new washer and dryer. There are
      two full bathrooms. Mediaone cable/internet is installed, as is
      wireless access; there are also currently two phone lines. Jonathon
      has supplied the living room with an Athena workstation, printer, TV,
      Tivo, and VCR. There is a nice garden with trees and bushes around
      the house.

      The house is located on a very quiet street in Cambridgeport, one
      block away from River St. Central Square is about an 8 minute walk,
      Harvard Sq. a 15 minute walk, and MIT a 20 minute walk; biking times
      are of course shorter. The nearest Saferide stop is about a 5 minute
      walk. On-street parking and a resident parking permit are available.
      Less than a block away is a new Bread&Circus with cafe, a Brooks
      Pharmacy, a pizza joint, and connections to a few bus lines. Two
      parks with playgrounds are within two blocks.

      Total rent is $1700/month; divided 5 ways this is $340 per bedroom, a
      steal anywhere within 20 miles. Utilities run under $100/month per
      person. Improvements to the house are reimbursed by the landlord, who
      lives next door.

      If interested, email starbase-zero@....
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