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Tentative Summer Schedule

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  • Greg Lam
    Here s the tentative schedule for things happening this summer. It ll be official when you get a printed newsletter this June/July Amazin Dunkin Donuts
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2000
      Here's the tentative schedule for things happening this summer. It'll be
      "official" when you get a printed newsletter this June/July

      Amazin' Dunkin' Donuts Invasion
      Time: Every last Friday of the month, 8 p.m.
      Place: May 26, Harvard Square
      June 30, Chinatown
      July 28, Central Square
      August 25, Davis Square
      Transportation: Each are close to a T stop. Please email Chris Melhus at
      melhus@... for further info.
      Cost: Bring money for donuts and coffee.

      Western Mass. Picnic
      Time: July 22
      Place: The house of Michael Hoberman, Shelburne Falls, MA
      Transportation: 2 hrs. drive west of Boston, 1 hr. from Pittsfield, 1 hr.
      from Hartford.
      Cost: Bring food or drink to share.
      Contact: hoberman@...

      Movie Rental/Games Night
      The second Saturday of every month, rotating between videos and various
      board (and other) games. (Need confirmation from Susan, not sure if my
      emails have gotten to her)
      7/8 - Video Night - Kevin Smith night @ Eve Lyons ('95) apartment (email
      8/12 - Games Night - Luke Weisman ('96) & Kathy Reeves' ('96) house (email
      9/9 - Video Night - Susan Landy's ('81) house (videos TBA) (email

      Overnight Hiking Trip to New Hampshire
      August 19-20
      Hosted by Elyssa East ('95)
      (email eeast@...)
      Web site of camping site:

      Red Sox Game
      Late July or August
      Hosted by Tom Belote ('99)
      (email tbelote@...)

      Brother Blue's Storytelling Series
      Time: Every Tuesday at 7 p.m.
      Place: Room 3A, Episcopal Divinity School, 99 Brattle Street, Sherrill
      Hall (library building), Cambridge.
      Transportation: Close to Harvard Red Line T stop.
      Cost: Suggested $3 donation
      For more information, email slam@....

      More information at http://www.reed.edu/~slam/alumni.html. Hope to see you

      -Greg Lam '96

      My sites : www.reed.edu/~slam Greg at Play
      www.berkshire.net/~slam Greg at Work
      www.lanes.org New England Storytelling
      www.onelist.com/group/nestorytelling LANES mailing list
      www.reed.edu/~slam/alumni.html Reed College Alumni Boston

      "Stop and think about it: You have pictures. Pictures are great, adults
      like pictures, pictures hang in art galleries. And you have words, and
      words are wonderful things. You can get the Nobel Prize for Literature
      just by using words. Somehow, as soon as you put them together, you are
      perceived to be doing something that's either for children or for
      subliterates, and there's no reason for that."
      - Neil Gaiman, author of _Sandman_
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