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Re: correct position

I forgot to attach the screen picture ❀ ... I forgot to attach the screen picture ❀ On 12Aug, 2016, at 12:19, raymond < raymond@... > wrote:
Aug 12, 2016

correct position

Hello, Attach I present a situation where in the upper side the red flash shows where the reference should be positioned on the left side of the last word in
Aug 12, 2016

Re: strange ornament on margin of document

Weirder and weirder: I tried playing with the page style to see if that would have an effect — it didn’t Then, I clicked on Select All, increased the
Janet S.S. Nussbaum
Aug 8, 2016

Re: strange ornament on margin of document

Can you identify of what nature the ornament in my Mellel-file is? Never saw such a vertical file of characters outside the type area. Manfred ... Can you
Manfred Kropp
Aug 8, 2016

Re: strange ornament on margin of document [1 Attachment]

Interesting problem — but I can’t duplicate it. Running Mellel 3.5 1b2 under El Capitan 10.11.6, the docx/rtf line “=====“ line opens in Mellel as
Janet S.S. Nussbaum
Aug 7, 2016

strange ornament on margin of document

Hello Memallelin, after importing the attached word /rtf document in Mellel the separating line of continuous ===== appeared as a vertical ornament on the
Manfred Kropp
Aug 7, 2016

Re: Automatic speller

Raymond: OK, got it on the multiple languages in the same document, and that would be perhaps helpful for Mellel to provide.  But, it probably would take a
Fritz Hudnut
Jul 21, 2016

Re: Automatic speller

Thank you Fritz for your post and its content. My problem with this feature is that I write, sometime, multi lingual texts, with two or there languages. The
Jul 20, 2016

Re: Automatic speller

Raymond, et al: Personally I find the automatic speller feature to be a pain on a regular computer.  For the iOS platform, like on my iPod, it might make
Fritz Hudnut
Jul 20, 2016

Automatic speller

Hello, In mort Apple writing software as Text Edit, Pages, Mail, Safari etc, the menu Edit>Spelling and Grammar>Correct Spelling Automatically exists. As seen
Jul 19, 2016

text box issues

Hi: Congratulations on the text box option in version 3.5, however, it doesn't work properly on my machine: OS 10.7.5. The pencil button does not respond at
Jul 17, 2016

Insert signature

Hello, In Preview one can insert a signature, a personal one or which ever, when they are already stored in within the software. I wish Mellel would have a
Jul 17, 2016

Undo in search set sub menu

Hello Memallelin, when working in the search set submenu I accidentally cancelled a find set of more than 50 actions which costed several hours of work to
Manfred Kropp
Jul 8, 2016

cancel autotitles

Hello, I have a document in which I have many titles made with auto-titles. Is there a way in Mellel to cancel all these existing auto-titles? I am looking for
Apr 8, 2016

Re: Problem separating unicode text parts (my apologies:) but Nisus

... Easier would have been to enter just "InEthiopic" (without the quotes; see screenshot); and then execute the "Invert Selection" command from the Edit >
Mar 15, 2016
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