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Re: [redhat] GUI package manager name & xrdp help needed.

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  • Jim Thisdale
    Hi Scott see inline below -Jim- Visit my Pi running ircddb, dvrptr, Apache & many other things: http://n1jmm.no-ip.org ... **** Checked that link already, just
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 7, 2013
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      Hi Scott
      see inline below

      Visit my Pi running ircddb, dvrptr, Apache & many other things:

      On 3/7/13 8:46 AM, Scott wrote:
      > On Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 12:47:50AM -0500, Jim Thisdale wrote:
      >> I'm running this Pi headless, ssh, webmin, & apache are my only access.
      >> Can anybody tell me what the name of the fedora remix 18 for raspberry pi's package manager is?
      > http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Raspberry_Pi_Fedora_Remix
      **** Checked that link already, just checked again, it says in the gui to click admin > software
      update, but it doesn't

      > Seems to be called Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix. :)
      >> Also, can anybody tell me how to get xrdp working. I've got several hours into this, best I can get
      >> so far is RDP will try to connect but fails with an error message: Failed to load session "gnome"
      > I do remember this causing people problems on the Fedora forums.
      > Ok, browsing the fedora forums indiates that those problems were older. I
      > don't usually connect to my Fedora workstation using X, if I have to, it's
      > usually right on a lan, so I use vncserver.
      ***** tight or tiger VNC will be installed soon. I've always found getting VNC to actually accept
      connections to be very frustrating. Usually works well once it is setup/configured. I only found
      out about xrdp a few days ago, the message said it was real easy to install and it just worked... No
      such thing as easy.

      > You might try googling Fedora xrdp and seeing if anyone is having similar
      > problems, but I fear I can't help with that one.
      >> of course gnome is not installed by default in remix 18, I really wanted it to start xfce. I
      >> installed gnome with one error of lib<something> not found, no package available. still can't
      >> connect. can someone give me some help getting this working? Note I did open TCP ports 3389, 5910,
      >> 5911 in firewalld.
      >> Thanks
      > For a lib not found, see my page
      > http://home.roadrunner.com/~computertaijutsu/yumprovides.html
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