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Re: [redhat] How can i setup my linmodem : Agere System PCI Soft Modem

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  • Godwin Stewart
    ... Hash: SHA1 On Sat, 30 Sep 2006 23:33:47 -0000, masood ... By throwing it away and getting a real modem. Canned response: What you have is *not* a modem,
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      On Sat, 30 Sep 2006 23:33:47 -0000, "masood"
      <masood_digital2000@...> wrote:

      > Please tell me how can i setup my internal modem ,

      By throwing it away and getting a real modem.

      Canned response:

      What you have is *not* a modem, regardless of what the vendor will say
      or what's written on the box or in the manual. It's a device known as a

      A WinModem is basically a modem which has been stripped of its key
      components. In actual fact, what you have is a crappy sound card with a
      phone jack on it. The *Windows* drivers supplied with it get your main
      processor to do the job that the other components, were they present,
      should be doing. Remember that a couple of bucks saved on hardware
      multiplied by the number of units sold means huge savings which easily
      pay for the development of the Windows drivers.

      Since this job includes real-time signal analysis, the process doing it
      is time-critical. This adds an extra load on your processor, which
      already has enough to do. The end result is a device which is only
      usable in Windows, which is going to be much more sensitive to the
      quality of your phone line and the audio signal being transmitted than
      a hardware modem would be, and which can very easily bring the
      operating system down in the event of a signal being particularly
      difficult to analyse.

      Some intrepid Linux device driver developers have managed to produce
      Linux drivers for these devices (I refrain from calling them "modems"
      because they're not doing any signal modulation/demodulation, the
      system CPU is doing that) but they're working blindfolded.
      Manufacturers don't generally disclose the technical specifications of
      their devices, probably so that the public at large can't see how
      crufty they are, so the Linux developers are relying on guesswork and
      the limited official information they have. Reverse engineering of the
      Windows drivers is forbidden, so they can't analyse what's already been
      done and simply port it to Linux. See http://www.linmodems.org

      I strongly advise you to pull this useless piece of trash out of your
      computer and go and get a *real* modem which has all of its components
      and which doesn't require any drivers to get the host computer to do
      its job.

      If it has to be an internal modem, make it an ISA card. Of course, make
      sure your mobo has a free ISA slot (many recent mobos only have PCI and
      AGP slots). If external, get a serial connection modem because USB
      modems are more often than not Winmodems too.

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      G. Stewart
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