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  • Gain J.
    I ve just install redhat 6.2 and I m new in redhat Linux. Currently i m facing a problem that i can t online. i ve ppp-2.3.11-4.i386.rpm install in my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2000
      I've just install redhat 6.2  and I'm new in redhat Linux.
      Currently i'm facing a problem that i can't  online.
      i've ppp-2.3.11-4.i386.rpm  install in my redhat.
      i've try in xterm and type such as pppd and it cant work.
      Does anyone  know how  to handle this ?
      I'm using gnome w/s  and when installing this , i didn't enter any  IP address ,hostname and the others which in Network Configuration section , does this affect anything ?
      So , may i know now what should i do from the first step in order to get online ?
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