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951Out of memory messages

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  • Tyson
    Oct 6, 2000
      I am running Redhat 6.1

      VERY recently, I have been getting out of memory messages for procmail and
      klogd. Once these messages popup, My company can no longer pickup their
      mail off of the Linux box. It says it is not able to connect to eh server.
      I then do a reboot and a few people can pull down their mail. Then the
      error messages popup. I ran "df" to see my disk space and it says I am
      using 76% of it. DO I need to clean up my hard disk? How can I fix these
      error messages? What can I do to keep my server up and running and allow
      everyone to pull down their mail?

      Thanks in advance!

      Tyson C. Philippi
      Global Mfg & Assembly- General Manager
      e-Nitiate Consulting Services, Inc.- President
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