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7904Re:[redhat] tftp server on RedHat 7.2

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  • Scott
    Jun 1, 2002
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      On 04:27 2002/06/01 +0000, stonefai wrote
      >Dear all.
      >I install a tftp server on Redhat 7.2 and run with xinetd.
      >I create tftp root directory with /tftpboot and a file named
      >as what file will be transfer
      >When I use a client to transfer a file to this server.
      >It can't work and show a message on client : Access violation.

      Possibly this is sort of covered in the faq (though tftp
      isn't specifically named) and it is an ipchains issue. RH's default
      ipchains blocks many things by default--this is a Good Thing(TM) actually,
      because they know that many inexperienced people use their distribution.
      A way to test this (though it will leave your machine totally unprotected
      while doing it) is to do
      ipchains -F
      Then see if a client can connect
      To put back your ipchains rules then do
      /etc/rc.d/init.d/ipchains start

      >I look like that tftp connection is OK, but file access right
      >have problem

      I'm not sure that the tftp connection is ok--see above. Trouble is that I
      haven't messed with tftp since my Cisco cert studying, so I forget which
      port it uses and if it only uses UDP (Which I think is the case).
      Anyway, if a client can connect when you do the ipchains -F then you simply
      have to insert a rule allowing tftp. For more info, that is syntax and the
      like, see the list faq, I give an example under the samba section.
      The faq is at


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