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393Sound mixer problem

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  • Don
    Apr 1, 2000
      Hi everyone, I've been using Linux since November. I've tried to solve most
      problems on my own, but there are a few I haven't been able to tackle, I hope
      you fine people can help. I'm using RH 6.1. running with KDE This is a very
      weird problem. My sound card will work with my cd-rom and play cd's out of
      there, but anytime I try to use midi player or sound mixer, I get the error
      message 'Can't open /dev/mixer: No such device.' in fact /dev/mixer is in the
      /dev directory, so I don't know the reason for this error message. I tried to
      use sndconfig to install the sound card but the program hangs when I press OK
      after it finds my sound card (maybe a ICQ conflict?). I have read that maybe
      I'll have to recompile my kernel, but I can't seem to locate the program to
      do that. Any help is appreciated.


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