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2736Re: [redhat] Re: Corrupted MBR

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  • Thomas J. Hruska
    Aug 2, 2001
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      At 01:31 PM 8/2/01 +0530, you wrote:
      >I had also faced similar problem and in order to boot from linux.
      >i used the rescue disk and at the boot prompt, type
      >boot : linux root=/dev/hda6 ---> the partition on which linux is installed.
      >And once the system boots up , run /sbin/lilo to make it dual boot again
      >> >Boot from a Win98 boot floppy, then type command "fdisk /mbr" without
      >> >the quotes.
      >> >this will reset the mbr to original status.
      >> >Then just reboot as normal.
      >> That will work, but hope you have a linux boot disk handy because you
      >> be able to reboot back into linux after doing this. It resets the MBR to
      >> windows, not to the current o/s.

      Actually, once the MBR has been restored, you can point it at a /boot or /
      partition by running fdisk and making the partition LILO is on the active
      partition. fdisk /mbr restores the MBR and changes the active partition,
      so it is a matter of running fdisk without the /mbr option and changing the
      active partition again to restore the MBR back to its old state.

      Also, once you get your MBR set up, you can prevent all future corruptions
      by setting a switch in your BIOS setup which "freezes" the MBR (restores it
      during boot if it changed - often called a "virus protection" switch).
      Note that not all BIOSes have this option, but can be useful to use if you
      do (of course, if you change OSes and/or partition info. often, setting the
      switch will only cause you pain and suffering).

      Hope this helps!

      Thomas J. Hruska -- shinelight@...
      Shining Light Productions -- "Meeting the needs of fellow programmers"
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