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2170RE: [redhat] Hardware compatability

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  • Lotas T Smartman
    Jun 2, 2001
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      The only probem will be modem. Get s normal non winmodem. Also sound.
      Get a sound blaster 16 or compatable or heigher. Mother boards I don't
      think are problematic. Neither are CPUs. Or hard drives, most net cards
      and ram. I think the main problem with be modem and sound. Most is not
      all new vid cards have drivers someware. Check www.linuxhardware.com if
      you are unsure. Or www.linuxhardware.org.
      Lotas T smartman

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      I got some cash and I'm looking at building a new system. I'm planning
      running rh7 and win98 dualboot, but as I'm buying the components, I need
      know what the best compatability for motherboards, cpu's etc.

      Can anyone point me to a few websites to help?

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