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  • hltang@xxxxxx.xx.xx
    Oct 9, 1998
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      This week sees the addition of some new members, welcome to the world of Linux!

      I have decided to present the mailing into three types;

      Basic Linux Tips
      This is the tips and tricks mail (or rather useful commands for configuring Red Hat Linux), which will be presented weekly (more often if any one of you have any tips or tricks, email me on hltang@...!).

      Useful Links
      The other type of mail that you will get from me contains basically useful links to online news, help, HOW-TOs, documentation, etc. on the Red Hat version of Linux. This is for the convenience of everybody in this mailing list since there are so much stuff on Linux that is probably unrelated to Red Hat Linux. This will save you guys time from going through the searching.

      This is the announcement post, which is essentially this mail. This basically announces the important bits and pieces about this mailing list, which is completely unrelated to Linux but rather changes or addition to the mailing list.

      Ok, now everybody knows the rules, more mail will follow soon after this!