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19764REMOTE X help needed

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  • Jim Thisdale
    Jan 11 9:19 PM
      Please help

      I'm trying to get REMOTE X working from my fedora 14 & 17 systems to my
      raspberry pi running wheezy armel soft-float.

      The best I've been able to get so far is error messages saying something
      about IS DISPLAY set right..... or something like that.

      I have tried numerous things found in googling, nothing works.

      Victum: Raspberry-Pi running Debian Wheezy Armel Soft Float.
      access via ethernet only.

      laptop: fedora 14, 32-bit, Gnome,
      shuttle: fedora 17, 64-bit, XFCE,
      dell: fedora 14, 64-bit, Gnome,

      I've tried so many things my head is spinning so there is no point
      listing them here.. I just need to know the right way to do it.

      Several months ago I had it work once between 2 fedora machines, seems
      to me it was real simple, now I can't seem to make it work at all.

      Visit my Pi running ircddb, dvrptr, Apache2 web-server & other things: