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19760Re: How to move/combine /usr /var /home to / partition ?

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  • Daniel
    Dec 19, 2012
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      Sorry for the top post this is going to be a long answer. The other moderators have tried to change me but I fail.

      First you back each of the partitions up (to a thumb drive), using tar is a good idea.
      First off, you home drive migth be the problem. If you are root, then just put /home on another partition or drive that has room.
      If you left way too much room on "/" then you might consider reinstalling.

      If NON UNIX guy tells you to put everything under home, he is IMO screwing you under. Some morons decided disk drives got bigger so we dont need other partitions anymore. Fill up root once and you will learn the fallacy of this thinking.

      But I would never put /home on / as users do really stupid things and fill up /
      /etc should NOT be giving you any problems. see if someone put a /gzip file in there. /etc does not really grow.
      /usr a better way is to make a /usr/local mountpoint and move the stuff to there.
      And do NOT mess with /tmp, your swap file unless you know what the F you are doing.

      you really should do this in single user mode, to prevent changes but wont happen if you are only user.

      You want to make sure you have a boot disk ready.
      I am assuming you are not using a volume manager

      copy /etc/fstab to /etc/fstab.old and to /root/fstab.orig
      comment out "#" the mountpoint from the fstab file /etc/fstab

      Tar up the partitions and put the tar files (one at a time) on the root partition,
      cd /; tar -cvf etc.tar /etc/
      then unmount the partition,
      umount /etc
      then untar the file to the former mountpoint.
      cp etc.tar /etc/
      tar -xvf etc.tar

      mount # see if /etc is mounted
      cd /etc # see if there is the stuff you expect to see.
      if the system starts ok, go to the other filesystems

      I did this off the top of my head, so see if you can find a similar example on the web, and check my syntax, and make sure you have a backup disk.

      --- In redhat@yahoogroups.com, Jim Thisdale <n1jmm1@...> wrote:
      > Fedora 14
      > hp laptop
      > small 80GB drive
      > When I did this install years ago, I was advised to make separate
      > partitions for things. Now I've run out of space on some of them.
      > I'd like to move the data/functionality of the /var, /usr, /home
      > partitions back to the / partition. Then I can delete those partitions
      > and resize the / partition, thus gaining some useable space for now.
      > Using gparted is not a problem.
      > I need to know what I need to do so the existing fc14 knows that:
      > /etc will be on say: sda1/etc instead of sda5
      > /usr will be on say: sda1/usr instead of sda4
      > /home will be on say: sda1/home instead of sda6
      > /tmp will be on say: sda/tmp instead of sda3
      > Those might not be the actual current assignments, but you get the idea.
      > Thanks
      > -Jim-
      > Visit my Pi running ircddb, dvrptr, Apache2 web-server & other things:
      > http://n1jmm.no-ip.org
      > http://n1jmm.no-ip.org/index.php
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