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19468Re: [redhat] configuring alternate DHCP server

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    Mar 5, 2010
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      On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 12:16, Dan <hyattdj@...> wrote:
      >  I am trying to figure out how to configure an alternate DHCP server. The production server cannot run PXE
      > per administrative rules.

      Your rules suck ;-) I can understand the point, though...

      > I need a provisioning server (using satellite)that can run DHCP with PXE boot that will not interfere with
      > production.
      > It is easy to get a VLAN assigned that is not production. The Sat server has two nics. But how would I
      > configure the DHCP where it would not interfere with the production DHCP?

      Assuming two NICs in the DHCP/PXE server, you can configure dhcpd to
      only listen on one specific NIC (and that NIC would be on the
      segregated VLAN).

      Another idea would be more work intensive, but you're provisioning, so
      I would assume you have or can get the MAC addresses for the systems
      to be provisioned. Configure a DCHP server that only hands out leases
      to known MAC addresses... however, that still may MAY cause issues if
      on the same network as another DHCP server, so YMMV and I never told
      you to do that ;-)

      > The server must maintain a production interface to update existing redhat production servers.
      > Suggestions?

      Your bosses are always unreasonable ;-)

      At the moment, I would think that the BEST solution would be a
      dedicated segregated LAN for provisioning (staging network) and then
      you'd be good to go. it MAY work ok using a VLAN to segregate (I've
      never tried this, so YMMV and all that). And as I said, you can tell
      dhcpd which NIC to listen on, so you can, in theory, have it only
      listen on the VLAN for requests, so it would never answer requests on
      the other NIC... and you can even bolster that by coming up with some
      crafty IPTABLES rules that would prevent DHCP requests and replies
      from being passed between NICs on the system... or just fix it so
      that the ONLY traffic going out the NON-provisioning NIC are packets
      related to satellite.

      Also, this is really something that would be a GREAT reason to make
      use of that Red Hat Enterprise support contract...


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