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18276Re: [redhat] Something fun to do, but not on a production system...

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  • ed
    May 2, 2008
      On Fri, 2 May 2008 09:41:00 -0400
      "Jeff Lane" <sundowner225@...> wrote:

      > Well, I tried two ways yesterday on my 8 node 512GB system...
      > This was running beta RHEL 5.2.
      > First I tried the c code calling fork() in a never ending while loop.
      > The default number of processes seems to be 32768. The kernel did a
      > good job of killing off old ones and basically it just kept killing
      > them off over and over. The machine was not terribly usable, but it
      > stayed up and I was even able to ctrl-c the program and recover.
      > Then I tried the bash version... that one opened the max number of
      > processes, then the kernel said "Nope. No more resources. Screw you,
      > I'm killing them all" and it killed off ALL of them and ended my
      > script. heh...
      > On 5.0 it hangs every box I've tried. Same on SLES 9 (though I
      > haven't tried SLES10 service packs)...
      > I'm gonna wager a guess that the newer kernels may mitigate this...
      > on the other hand, I added a counter increment and a printf statement,
      > so that may even have slowed the forking down enough so the system
      > could get ahold of it. I'll have to try it without the
      > instrumetnation and see what happens.. :-)
      > Then I want to try it on a Windows XP system heh...

      Does the windows kernel include a fork() - I thought they omitted that
      and have some other way of creating processes?

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